Wednesday, September 15, 2004

One thing that would really help the world and all people is human rights. We don't really have to come up with something new on the subject. The United Nations' Universal Declaration on Human Rights has been endorsed by most countries on earth. If we would just get this applied there could be no war, no slavery, no ethnic cleansing, no racial or sexual discrimination, no terrorism.

My church, the Church of Scientology International and other Scientology churches, believe in human rights as a basic principle of our religion. It is covered in the Scientology Creed and the Code of a Scientologist. That's why we work to promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to make sure people know their rights and insist on human rights for themselves and others.

Here's an article I found in the North Devon Journal in England about one of the activities Scientologists work on to accomplish this.

Copyright 2004 North Devon Journal
North Devon Journal

Booklet tells all on rights
Youth for Human Rights International President education children in India on their human rights. Booklet published by the Church of Scientology International
As can be seen in the daily news, we live in a world where intolerance and human rights violations too often prevail against humankind's more positive attributes. This is all the more possible where ignorance exists as to what human rights actually are.

In the wake of the Second World War and the widespread destruction of those years, the United Nations and world leaders adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which set out what basic rights all people should have.

Yet today, billions of people are not granted these rights, and most people in the world don't even know what they are.

Philosopher and humanitarian Ron Hubbard stated that, "Human rights must be made a fact not an idealistic dream." Youth for Human Rights, a campaign launched by members of the Church of Scientology and open to people of all faiths or none, has been created to educate today's youth - who of course include the leaders of tomorrow - on the subject of human rights.

The campaign recently introduced a booklet, What are Human Rights? laying out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and making it easy for anyone to learn what their rights are.

To obtain your own personal copy of this free booklet, please send a stamped (21p) addressed envelope (C5 in size 22cm x 16cm) and copy of this letter to Liza Stumbke, Youth for Human Rights UK, Suite 3, 31a High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3AF.

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