Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well I have told you many things on this blog about the Scientology religion. Particularly about groups and activities that help others.

One thing I haven't touched on in this one is the "Freewinds." It has many functions and one of them is hosting conferences and also helping the local area, so here are a few things about that.

Firstly, so you know what the "Freewinds" looks like:

Now not to be confused with the Freewinds Charter Company, the Freewinds Motor Vessel cruises the Caribbean.

Here is a page that shows the versatility of the different functions the Freewinds performs.

In fact a number of my friends have blogs with different aspects of the Freewinds, they are all kind of cool and interesting:

Cindy's Premier Exec Freewinds Page

Scientologist.blogspot.com - a Freewinds archive page

This one has a couple of entries on the Freewinds

Lots of links to lots of Freewinds photos

and of course the Freewinds Blog.

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