Sunday, August 29, 2004

Once again, the Scientologists in Clearwater and Tampa have shown what help is really all about. As in disaster scenes all over the world, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the Tampa Bay area have proven themselves to be dependable, caring and effective in their efforts following hurricane Charley's devastation.

"Tampa) Tampa Bay Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology have joined with hundreds of other churches and organizations under the authority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help the victims of one of the worse hurricanes in US history.

But Yamila Sene, the spokeswoman for the Volunteer Ministers, reported that much more is still needed. She said, "With all the outpouring of help by way of supplies, food and volunteers, we are still far short of what is needed to address not just the larger cities like Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda but the many small towns which can no longer be easily reached due to the eradication of roadway signs by Hurricane Charley. 'Some of these towns are completely unrecognizable," said Mrs. Sene.'"

"The Scientology Volunteer Ministers Response teams are active in 50 US states and in many countries around the world, providing service at a national and international level. 800 volunteer ministers served at Ground Zero for weeks following that disaster.">>

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