Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I wrote about this earlier but want to include some more information, as there is just a terrific response to these public service announements that are currently being distributed by Churches of Scientology around the world.

Recently Mr. David Miscavige hosted an event aboard the motorvessel Freewinds, where new public service announcements were released. These are very special PSAs with a very special message.

As a Scientology Volunteer Minister I am going to help get them distributed and seen everywhere I can - they are just amazing.

What they depict is true examples of violations of each of the points of the United Nations Declaration for Human Rights. They really communicate what people's rights actually are and I was amazed to learn how many people don't know their god-given rights.

I hope that getting these seen will help people be more tolerant of each other and bring about respect in the world - I believe they will.

To see the ones published so far go to the Youth for Human Rights website.

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