Saturday, August 12, 2006

Volunteer Ministers in South Africa

I had to add this in. This is an article about Scientology Volunteer Ministers hard at work in South Africa

Scientology Volunteer Ministers have joined with rescue teams around Port Elizabeth to help in the aftermath of flooding that left thousands homeless this week.

Torrential rains caused roads and schools to be closed and left most of the area without electricity. Almost all of Port Elizabeth's low-lying areas were transformed into endless lakes of muddy water.

Worst affected were thousands of residents living in shacks in informal settlements in low lying areas.

Working alongside the rescue teams the volunteer ministers collected donations of food and clothing and distributed them to those in need and worked on repairing and constructing homes.

They also helped relief workers and survivors alike with Scientology assists, techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard that alleviate stress and physical aches and pains, and orient a confused or distraught individual to his present environment.

Although the immediate danger is over the Volunteer Ministers team are continuing to work with community leaders to help them cope with the needed reconstruction of the area.

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