Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sweeney Again

I'm not really into ranting but I have to admit Sweeney has got me going.

I just found this other video on YouTube where this guy describes how John Sweeney was heckling Travolta at a recent London premiere.

Watch this closely. The guy with his hands to his mouth, shouting at Travolta is none other than BBC Panorama's star reporter.

How can anyone ever take this guy seriously again?

And how can the BBC defend a reporter with this much bias being used to quote investigate as story?


Anonymous said...

Panorama has much more years of integrity under its belt than the Church of Scientology. I therefore believe that the Church of Scientology is deliberately creating a smear campaign against this journalist. It backs up his theory that they are a brainwashing cult. If you can't see through this, then I believe you must be stupid.

jenny said...

Dear "Anonymous"
You see, that's exactly my point. You credit Panorama with the respect they should deserve, to represent the truth to the British public after thorough investigation of facts. If Panorama had been willing to look at both sides of the story and demonstrate any effort at presenting a balanced program none of this would have been necessary. I really do suggest you watch the documentary the church put together. It's at BBC Panorama Exposed. I think the information in this DVD is self-explanatory, and I hope you have the clarity and intelligence to be able to watch it and draw your own confusions.