Monday, December 04, 2006

Volunteering - a Way of Life

I thought this was an interesting article, considering tomorrow is International Volunteers Day:

December 2006
Together We Stand:
Volunteers and Volunteer Resource Managers Connected

By Susan J. Ellis

December 5 is International Volunteer Day (IVD, and, this year in the United States, the Congress of Volunteer Administrator Associations will be deliberating the future of our professional networks on that date. But this happened by coincidence, not purpose. Interestingly, International Volunteer Manager Appreciation Day ( was originally created a number of years ago as an additional focus of IVD and so scheduled also for December 5th. But a majority of the new planning team (and many of the old) felt that this might confuse the public, draw attention away from the main purpose of acknowledging volunteers, and/or not give volunteer resource managers time in the limelight by themselves, so the date was changed to November 1st as of this year. And the separation is so complete that the IVMA Day site does not even mention IVD as anything of possible import to practitioners.>> continued

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