Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Well Deserved Nobel Peace Prize

At a crowded press conference at his Grameen Bank, Dr Yunus expressed the hope that the political leaders would transform the united celebration of winning the Nobel Prize by the people into politics and take the nation forward.

Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said that the award of the coveted Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Muhammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank is a fitting recognition of the innovative banking concepts and the remarkable services rendered by him in alleviating poverty not only in Bangladesh but also in many other developing and developed countries.

Extending heartfelt felicitations to Dr. Younus on Saturday, the Prime Minister said that the prize is not only an honour for Dr. Younus and Bangladesh but for the entire developing world.

He said that the innovative methods of micro financing introduced by Dr. Younus has helped millions of people across the world to pull them out of the vicious circle of poverty on self help basis.

Prime Minister said that the remarkable thing about Dr. Younus's approach is that by helping people help themselves, he not only makes them financially independent but also t the same time instills a sense of pride in them to become proud and productive citizens.

He stated that Pakistan has tremendously benefited from the Grameen Model and he is personally grateful to Dr. Younus for his constant help in introducing micro credit in Pakistan.

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